15-16 November 2024
Moscow International Property Show

Participant of Property Show
Kotler Consult / Crown Consulting (Austria, Montenegro, Spain, Italy)

Агентство Kotler Consult с 2008 г. предоставляет услуги на рынке зарубежной недвижимости Черногории, Турции, Болгарии, Египта, Италии, Испании.
Kotler Consult предлагает продвижение объектов недвижимости зарубежных застройщиков и инвесторов на российском рынке.
“Kotler Consult” has been working on the market since 2008 and offers services in two complementary areas:
- Consulting services to investors and buyers of the real estate in Montenegro, Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, Spain.
- Promotion of the foreign developers’ and investors’ units of property on the Russian market
"Kotler Consult" is the publisher of advertising-informational magazines - «Overseas property».
The company is an Information partner and active participant of more than 30 exhibitions throughout Russia and Kazakhstan. The number of exhibitions-partners is constantly growing, and their geography extends.

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