12-13 April 2024
Moscow International Property Show

Participant of Property Show
High Rise Properties (United Arab Emirates)

High Rise Properties is a Dubai-based real estate company witch established in 2004 and has deep and strong roots in UAE.

Since its inception in 2004, High Rise has grown tremendously. High Rise projects are prestigious and affordable. A leading real estate developer, High Rise is involved in several mega projects in UAE and the regional including “The Wave Business Towers”, “The Rotating City”, “The Rotating Residences”, “The Heights Business Tower”, “The Emirates Flag”.

The vision of High Rise is to widely expand in order to become one of the leading real estate developers at regional and international levels. With vision clarity, creative ideal and the vastly experienced workforce, High Rise leads the way to present innovative solutions capable of making dreams reality. It is the quality of these developments, delivery and the spirit of the projects that make High Rise unique.

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